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A Comprehensive Guide to Transfer Tapes: Choose the Best for Your Project


Whether you’re a seasoned sign maker or new to the world of vinyl crafting, you’ve likely asked yourself: Which transfer tape is right for my project? Many of us have a go-to brand and tack level, but sometimes a project may require a different kind of tape than you’re used to. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Express Sign Products offers a wide array of transfer tapes, catering to any project requirement.

TacMaster Tapes

Our bestsellers, TacMaster Medium Tack and TacMaster High Tack, are paper-based tapes suitable for different needs. While the Medium Tack variant is ideal for medium to large cut and printed vinyls, the High Tack version is the go-to for small to medium projects. For matte finishes or high-tack vinyls, you’ll find the High Tack tape to be particularly efficient for lifting the vinyl off its backing.

Protac Tapes

Protac boasts a tape variety for both professionals and hobbyists. The 86 Medium-High Tack tape is your best bet for small to medium-sized vinyl cutting projects like decals. If you require more lifting power, the 85 Economy High Tack tape, as the name suggests, is both effective and budget-friendly. For larger projects, the 76 Low Tack tape offers both easy removal and substantial thickness to prevent excessive flopping. Additional variants include 73 Grid & Liner High Tack and 86 Grid Medium-High Tack, which feature grids for precise alignment.


Orafol’s brand, Oratape, has several specialized tapes. The MT95 is a transparent medium tack tape optimal for cut vinyls, while HT55 serves well for Oracal frosted and 631 series wall vinyls. MT80P comes with a printed grid on the liner, aiding in the alignment of overlapping vinyls.

R Tape Options

The Clear Choice AT75 is a high tack tape tailored for challenging vinyl types like etched finishes. On the other hand, Clear Choice AT65 is a more standard high tack tape that also excels in wet applications. If you’re working on medium to large projects, Clear Choice AT60, a low tack variant, is a good choice. For projects requiring outdoor installation, consider Conform 4775RLA, a thicker-than-average high tack paper tape.

Siser Tapes

Moving on to heat transfer vinyls, Siser introduces unique tapes like EasyPSV, a medium tack clear tape with a grid and paper backing for glossy finishes. Specialized tapes like EasySubli Mask and TTD Easy Mask focus solely on Siser’s proprietary vinyls for quality applications.


What is the ideal tape for small to medium projects?
  • TacMaster High Tack and Protac’s 86 Medium-High Tack tape are generally good options.
What should I use for large vinyl projects?
  • Protac’s 76 Low Tack tape and Clear Choice AT60 are suitable choices for larger projects.
Is there a budget-friendly option?
  • Yes, Protac’s 85 Economy High Tack tape is a cost-effective choice.
Are there tapes specialized for heat transfer vinyls?
  • Siser’s EasyPSV, EasySubli Mask, and TTD Easy Mask are designed specifically for heat transfer vinyls.

So there you have it—a detailed guide to the wide range of transfer tapes offered by Express Sign Products. With such a broad selection across different brands and tack levels, you’ll find the perfect tape for any project that comes your way.