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I began designing and making signs in 1985 in Mississippi and South Texas. We love what we do. Our industry is all about blending colours, creative design and communication into effective advertising and identity media. It’s our daily goal to offer you personalized and experienced based customer service, low pricing and same day shipping. We enjoy many loyal customers across USA. It’s a pleasure to visit with each one of you.

Lance Giesbrecht

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing each of our valued customers in the sign world the highest level of service, a very broad selection of products, at the most competitive prices. We are committed to going the extra mile, serving each of you like we want to be served.

Bits of our History

The “Express” Time Line

Summer ’85 found Lance building fences for ranchers who lost their ranches to a wild fire in Roundup, Montana. His Dad called him up mentioning that their neighbor’s sign shop named “Country Signs” was for sale for $600. Making a living farming in those days was very difficult, so maybe, this would be good supplemental income. Included in this price, the owner was offering the business name, 3 days of hand lettering training, a dozen quills (lettering brushes), and a few partial cans of 1Shot lettering enamel. Little did they realize where their first sign shop was going to take them.
Lance marries Shari, a lovely young bride down in South Texas. They work out of a one car garage creating signs for the region.
Sold Country Signs and moved to a larger market area. Opened a brand new sign shop called Sign Designers. All their signs were created in a garage using hand lettering and pre-spaced vinyl lettering and graphics from a wholesale source in Kansas. Began foster and parenting young children.
Lance decided to quit farming and enter the computerized sign making world full time with the purchase and aid of a CAD sign making computer. This came with a DOS based drafting plotter adapted for vinyl letter cutting using a heat tip.
Their love for big sky country, brilliant sunshine and the majestic Canadian Rockies prompted them to move their 2 sons . They purchased their first “yodeling” 20″ Roland printer for $2200. They became the new owners of Signs Unlimited and experienced for the first time a chinook wind.
Opened Signs Superstore.
Started importing and distributing license plates. Entered the mail order and sign supply business as National Plates.
Express Sign Products is incorporated. Lance sold their two sign shops and focused entirely on promoting quality, hard to find sign tools and supplies from a rented 17ft × 24ft warehouse. Their first catalogue was a one page flyer.
Purchased a T-Shirt factory building and renovated it into our current 10,000 ft² warehouse and expanded their market.
Opened their second warehouse our customers. Today, Express is marketing to over 5000 clients and that one page flyer has grown into an 80 page online catalogue.
During these years, God blessed Shari and Lance with 12 children, both biological and adopted. A life impacting decision was made in 2000 when they went to Ukraine to adopt a daughter. This modified their future business goals as they became more involved in caring for orphans and needy kids. Three years later, their family was granted Ukrainian permanent resident status and lived part time in a village south of Kyiv, Ukraine. 
Thanks to strong growth and permanently moving back to North America, the warehouse and office in St. Marys gets a re-shuffle and an expansion.
The Pincher Creek warehouse is enlarged to accommodate an ever increasing range of products.
Express Sign Products turns 25 years old!

"Our family business was founded on trying to make others happy and helping small and medium sign shops become profitable. This principle is still the central core to our business model 20 years later. Our customer’s loyalty and personal acquaintances have inspired us daily, and have helped us grow to what we are today." Thank you for your friendship!