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ORALITE® 5650RA and ORALITE® 5600RA: Understanding the Nuances


Curious about the difference between ORALITE® 5650RA and ORALITE® 5600RA? The divergence is minimal but important. While 5650RA has been a staple in the North American market for some time, 5600RA made its debut in 2020.

The Distinct Factor: Adhesive

What truly sets them apart is the adhesive technology. 5600RA boasts a newly developed adhesive that offers lower initial tack and superior repositioning flexibility. During the installation process, this allows you to adjust its position horizontally and vertically until you achieve the perfect fit. Plus, 5600RA can be easily removed for up to four years after it has been applied. These traits make it an excellent choice for vehicle wraps and graphics. While 5650RA also has removable and repositionable features, they are comparatively less advanced.

Common Features Shared

On the other hand, both materials share several attributes. They can both be printed using inkjet technology; they offer outdoor durability for up to seven years; their conformability is moderate, and they both utilize ORAFOL®’s proprietary RapidAir® microchannel technology for smoother, quicker installations.

Side-by-Side Comparison


What’s the main difference between 5650RA and 5600RA?

The primary distinction lies in the adhesive. 5600RA has an advanced adhesive that offers lower initial tack and enhanced repositionability.

Can both be removed easily?

5650RA is generally more permanent, while 5600RA can be easily removed up to four years after installation.

Do they share any common features?

Yes, both are inkjet printable, offer seven-year outdoor durability, and have moderate conformability. Both also use ORAFOL®’s RapidAir® microchannel technology.