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BannerSaver™ Pole Bracket

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  • 20 – 30 sq ft banner capability
  • 40″ arm length for all sizes
  • Patented design
  • Spring system spills 87% of wind
  • 15 year warranty with documentation
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1 $242.98
25 6.52 % $227.14
50+ 15.16 % $206.15


BannerSaver™ sizes are based on banner area because that measurement corresponds to wind resistance. All sizes of BannerSaver™ sets come with 40″ fiberglass arms, which should be cut 4″ longer than the banner width.

Size Banner Area Banding Availability
Standard 20 sq ft Standard Stocked
Large 23 sq ft Heavy Duty Special Order
XL 30 sq ft Heavy Duty Special Order

BannerSaver™ includes all necessary hardware: 2 cast aluminum spring-loaded brackets, 2 40″ fiberglass arms, 6 metal bands (4 heavy duty bands for Large and XL sizes), 2 pins, and 2 zip ties.

Heavy duty banding (not included with the Standard size) is recommended for all BannerSaver™ sizes for the following installations: square poles, tapered poles, 2 banners per pole, and areas of high wind speeds. Mounting BannerSavers™ to walls via bolts is possible but not warrantied due to unpredictable aerodynamics. Mesh banner and wind slits are not recommended.

BannerSaver™ is the most advanced spring-loaded, wind-spilling light pole banner bracket system available. By spilling wind, BannerSavers™ prolong the life of banners as well as reduce loads on street poles. These banner brackets have complete wind tunnel results, having been tested at wind speeds up to 145 km/h. Not only do they have a patented design, but they also come with a 15 year warranty. Cities across six continents use and trust BannerSaver™ brackets.