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DI Orca Double Side Roll Up Banner Stand – 33in x 78in

Tax excluded
  • 2 banners – 2 sides
  • Holds 2 33.4″W x 78.7″H banners
  • Double the advertising area
  • Sleek base
  • Heavy duty padded carry bag
Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 $116.29
4 2.95 % $112.86
8 7.59 % $107.46
16+ 11.68 % $102.71


Display International Orca retractable banner stand makes a splash wherever it goes. This whale of a banner stand holds two banners; twice the advertising space of single-sided stands. The sleek base provides good weight and stability without the tripping hazard of pivoting feet. The chrome and aluminum finish finishes the premium look. A protective padded carry bag is included. DI Orca banner stand is ideal for long-term use in retail advertising, trade shows, and museums.

This stand holds 2 banners, each 33.7″ wide by 78.7″ high. Each banner is attached to a separate cassette. A single pole supports a top bar with two banner clamps. At the bottom, plastic leaders with adhesive tape attach the banners to the spring-loaded retraction mechanisms.

The cassette locking pins are located under the silver end caps. One on each side. The caps can be hard to pry off. Each one has one hook on the top (curved) side and two hooks on the bottom (flat) side.

Please do not feed the orca. Please keep your pets on a leash at all times. This top-of-the-food-chain predator enjoys nothing more than a tasty McKitten Nugget for a quick snack.


Instructions for installing and changing the banner are included with the banner stand. They are printed on the plastic banner leader and should be visible as soon as you open the package. If you are changing a banner, you’ll need to pull the banner all the way out to see the plastic banner leader. Additionally, the instructions are shown in the product photos on this page.