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The Resurgence of Frog Juice 7000 Sunscreen Clear: Still Going Strong

Addressing the Rumors: Is Frog Juice 7000 Obsolete?

In recent years, whispers have circulated suggesting that Frog Juice 7000 Sunscreen Clear, the pioneering UV protective coating, has been phased out. Available in various application forms—from aerosol cans to brushes and spray guns—this versatile product has been a favorite among users. Is it true that this renowned product has gone the way of the dodo bird and the passenger pigeon—become extinct?

The Truth Behind the Talk: New Ownership, Same Quality

The short answer is no—the rumors are unfounded. To borrow a phrase from Mark Twain, “Reports of my demise have been greatly overstated.” While we can’t say for sure, there’s a likelihood that a rival company initiated these rumors to capture more market share. However, what has changed is the ownership. Ronan Paints has acquired Frog Juice and continues to produce it with the same quality. The product remains available in aerosol, quart, and gallon sizes, retaining its signature versatility.

A Direct Word from Ronan Paints: Product Specifications

To quote directly from Ronan Paints’ website:

“Frog Juice 7000 Sunscreen Clear serves as a multi-functional liquid laminate, offering superior UV defense, edge-sealing capabilities, and compatibility with a broad range of surfaces—be it gold leaf, vinyl, enamel-based banners, water or solvent-based paints, digital prints, and more. Despite hardening over a 30-day period, Frog Juice remains pliable and will not yellow. No need for additional hardeners or catalysts. The product is ready for outdoor use in just half an hour.” – Ronan Paints Official Website


Is Frog Juice 7000 really discontinued?

No, the rumors are false. The product is still available and is now manufactured by Ronan Paints.

Has the product changed since the ownership transition?

The formula remains the same, offering the same high-quality UV protection and versatility in application.

Where can I purchase Frog Juice 7000?

You can purchase Frog Juice 7000 from Ronan Paints’ official website and authorized dealers.